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Here at we were fortunate enough to go on a mustang photo excursion.

With a great guide and a fellow photographer, both of whom happened to be good friends, we spent a day from before sun up until late afternoon photographing wild mustangs. It was a day we won't forget.

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We were in the first pasture ready to take photos before the sun came up. As the first light of day arrived the mustangs began to come from all directions to the sound of the feed truck.

Several mustangs in the early morning light


As the first rays of sun became stronger, but still had a soft golden glow, this beautiful buckskin mare came into view.

A buckskin wild mustang mare


This mare had a cropped left ear. Damage to ear tips in any type of horse is not uncommon.

A sorrel mustang mare with a damaged ear tip

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This mare almost had a natural, heart-shaped star. Almost. She was beautiful all on her own, but we couldn't resist touching up her star in our software.

A mustang mare with a heart-shaped star


This mare was very curious, and seemed to enjoy hanging around us and the truck. Here, she demonstrates the flehmen response.

A mustang demonstrates the flehmen response


Before long we were surrounded by horses, and they were still coming.

Sorrel and white mare


A beautiful sorrel and white mare.

Sorrel and white mare


This gray mare was very aloof and suspicious.

A gray wild mustang mare

All photos are copyrighted © and property of

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