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Cheyenne Frontier Days Wild Horse Race Photos

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - The Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo -
Wild Horse Race Photos

Wild Horse Race Photos


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As the rodeo was winding down, the wild horse race teams gathered at the south end of the race track.

Wild horse race teams at Cheyenne Frontier Days


They don't waste time at Cheyenne. As the last bull was still bucking, the teams made their way down the track to get into position.

Wild horse race teams get into position


As the teams moved down the track, the pickup men led, or sort of led, the wild horses across the arena to the track.

Leading wild horses


Each team was handed the lead rope to their horse. After they got their horse, the teams had to wait for the official start of the race until all the horses were handed out, and for the pickup men to clear the area. Some of the teams passed the time by whispering sweet nothings to their horses.

Wild horses and contestants wait for the start of the race


This is Bucky (not his official name, because we don't know what that is). Bucky was a calm, thinking, wild horse. He was not flighty, he was not silly. He simply said "no" to his team, and expected them to listen. Later on in the wild horse race Bucky had the opportunity to show his compassionate side. Bucky's team was team #42, the Gilbert Onepenne team.

A buckskin colored wild horse in the race

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This is Blue (again, not his official name). Blue didn't like to listen to sweet nothings. His team was team #17, the John Long team.

A blue roan wild horse


After each team got a horse the pickup men cleared the area. It was all going pretty well.....

Pickup men leaving the area


......until the starter's pistol went off.

The start of the wild horse race


It turns out horses are slippery when wild. They will also lift you off the ground.

Moments after the start of the wild horse race


Bucky remained calm, but gave his team a stern "no."

A wild horse stares at his team


This is team #11, the James Federer/J-P Corporation Insurance Team. They got their horse saddled fast. Well, it looked fast to a spectator. It might not have felt all that fast to them.

A team gets a saddle on a wild horse for the wild horse race


When Bucky's team wouldn't take "no" for an answer, he tried to paw their heads off. Bucky did a lot of pawing. He could paw as quick as a snake can dart its tongue in and out. Bucky had a compassionate side, but this wasn't it.

A wild horse paws at his team


All up and down the racetrack teams were trying to get saddles on their horses. Or at least get close enough to touch them.

The wild horse race at Cheyenne Frontier Days


Team #11 (James Federer/J-P Corporation Insurance Team) got a good start. Keep your eye on them......

A rider on a wild horse they dart between Bucky and another horse. They were making good time......

A wild horse and its rider gallop up 
the racetrack


......until they ran into interference. "Interference" was a contestant from team #29, the Mark Hendris team.

A wild horse runs over a contestant


No one else seemed to notice.

A contestant gets run over by a wild horse


Team #11's horse found more interference, and apparently decided to stick with the plan that the best way around an obstacle......

A wild horse approaches a rope


......was through it.

A wild horse runs through a rope


Everywhere you looked there were contestants, saddles, and hats all over the racetrack.

Wild horse race at Cheyenne, WY


Bucky, once again, gave his team a calm, stern, "no."

A buckskin wild horse faces down his team


Team #48, the Colby Berry/Jackson's Sports Bar and Grill team.

Wild horse racing 
team #48, the Colby Berry/Jackson's Sports Bar and Grill team


Meanwhile, team #17, the John Long team, was saddling and whispering sweet nothings to Blue.

Wild horse racing team #17, the John Long team


But Blue still didn't like to listen to sweet nothings.

A blue roan wild horse lunges forward


Bucky was getting tired of being calm and polite (well, except for when he tried to paw his team's heads off, that wasn't polite) and decided to add a little body English to his "no."

A buckskin wild horse jumps forward


Team #31, David LeClaire team, got their horse saddled and mounted.

Wild horse racing team #31, David LeClaire 


Their horse took off headed south, but they needed to go north to go around the track in the official direction.

A wild horse takes off in the wrong direction


They got him headed north, briefly......

A wild horse turns and goes the right direction


......but then he went south again.

A wild horse turns and goes the wrong direction


The horse for team #41, the Dude Jackson team, also went south, which is why they were hanging onto him and trying to turn him around.

Wild horse racing team #41, the Dude Jackson team


Bucky briefly returned to being calm and polite.

A buckskin horse stares down his team again


But then he got tired of being diplomatic......

A buckskin wild horse


......and reached the end of his patience.

A wild horse begins to move away from his team


Bucky danced......

A wild horse darts away


......and lunged.

A wild horse lunges


Then he just decided to leave.

A wild horse takes off running


Bucky, leaving.

A wild horse begins to run away


Bucky, still leaving.

A wild horse runs away


When it was clear Bucky wasn't going to stop to talk about it, his team dived for the rope.

A wild horse racing team jumps on a lead rope


This is where Bucky showed his compassionate side. He had the first guy's head right behind his hind legs, but he never kicked him.

A wild horse drags three contestants


Of course, he trampled all over the guy, but that's different.

A wild horse tramples a contestant


After he waved goodbye, Bucky left.

A wild horse paws the air


By now, the teams had either gotten on their horses or had watched them gallop off without them.

A cowboy hat in the dirt


This horse came running by without a rider. He was quickly joined by a couple of others.

A wild horse runs down the racetrack 
with a saddle but no rider


The rider for the Jody Anderson/Young Guns Dist. team came loping up from the south end of the track.

Carrying a rider, a wild horse lopes down the racetrack


There was a brief pause where there was time to notice the extensive hat collection all up and down the track.

Several cowboy hats in the dirt


Then one of the pickup man loped around the track, driving the loose horses.

A pickup man drives a group of wild horses


There were lots of saddled horses without riders, and lots of horses without saddles, including Bucky (center) and Blue (far left).

A group of wild horses lope up the racetrack


The other pickup men formed a wing on the track, and hazed the horses into the arena.

Pickup men haze wild horses into the arena


And that was it. The rodeo performance and the wild horse race were over. The crowd flowed out of the grandstands and headed for the parking lots.

A crowd leaving the grandstand


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