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Cowboy boots are a staple for working cowboy and cowgirls as well as people from all walks of life.

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Fun Facts To Know – A Brief History Of Cowboy Boots

Prior to the mid-1870s there was no such thing as cowboy boots. Before that time "cow-boys" (with a hyphen, or a space) simply put whatever they had available on their feet. For many, it was boots left over from the end of the Civil War in 1865, or at least some military style of boot.

In the mid-1870’s several separate stories emerge as to how cowboy boots were born. One story credits a boot maker (or two different boot makers) from Kansas as the first maker of what would be known as cowboy boots, and another story credits a young H.J. Justin, in Texas, with doing the same thing.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint who made the first ever honest‑to‑gosh pair of cowboy boots, it’s not hard to give proper credit to the inventor: The cowboy himself. In each of the stories mentioned above it was a working cowboy who approached a boot maker and asked for a different style of boot to be made, one more suited for a life "cowboying" on a horse than for being a soldier, or even for riding in the cavalry.

Among other things, the cowboys wanted a toe more pointed than that found on a military boot for ease of putting their feet into a stirrup, and a different style of heel, one better suited to helping prevent a man’s foot from accidentally sliding through a stirrup, especially during rough riding.

The new kind of cowboy boots were an immediate success, and by the early 1880’s the new style was emerging as a standard for people who earned their living as an American cowboy or cowgirl.


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