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Horse Leggings

Delightful horse leggings for sale with equine designs.

Just to be clear, by "horse leggings" we mean the type of legging, typically worn by women, that hug the legs from the waist to the bottom of the leggings. And by "horse" leggings we mean leggings with horse designs on them.

In the horse world other there are other items sometimes called leggings (or leggins'), such as chaps, chinks, or half chaps. Some folks even refer to the protective boots worn by horses as "horse leggings," but we think those folks might be a tad confused...... For the difference between leggings and tights, please scroll down beneath the leggings for sale.

Below: Horse leggings with a white horse and flowing mane. From Zazzle.

Horse leggings with a running horse
Running Horse Leggings
by TElbertImages

From eBay, Amazon, and Etsy

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Leggings vs. Tights: What's The Difference?

Leggings and tights can be similar, and not everyone agrees on exactly what makes the distinction between the two. Below are a few generally accepted ways to tell the difference between leggings and tights, although everyone might not agree.


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