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Wild Rags

Below are cowboy wild rags and accessories for sale. A "wild rag" is a cowboy or Western scarf worn around the neck.

Wild rags are popular among working cowboys and cowgirls for the warmth they provide in cold temperatures, and for protection from the sun, wind, and dirt anytime. Many cowboys consider a wild rag a standard part of cowboy dress - at least in cooler temperatures - whether it be for work or social occasions.

Many of wild rags below, but not all, are SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) approved (check the item's description).

Below: A light blue silk cowboy wild rag.

A blue Cowboy wild rag

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About Buying A Wild Rag

Before you buy a wild rag off of eBay or anywhere else, there are two basic things you should know: 1) What it's made of, and 2) how big it is.

Silk and Cowboy Wild Rags

Wild rags come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and fabrics, with silk being one of the most popular fabric choices. Silk is a natural fiber with a soft feel, making it comfortable to wear against the skin in sensitive areas such as around the neck. It has many benefits for a cowboy wild rag, including:

Pictures of Wild Rags

A deep purple wild rag.

Purple cowboy wild rag


A pretty wild rag in a muted gray color.

Gray cowboy wild rag


A red / wine colored wild rag.

A wine colored cowboy wild rag


A large wild rag. Larger wild rags provide more coverage around the neck, and will have longer tails.

Cowboy wild rag with long tails


A multi-colored (black and white) wild rag.

Cowboy wild rag, black and white


How To Tie A Cowboy Wild Rag

To learn how to tie a wild rag, you can see our article:
How To Tie A Wild Rag.

How To Wash A Cowboy Wild Rag

To learn how to take care of a silk cowboy wild rag, please see our article:
How To Care For A Silk Wild Rag.


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