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Cowboy Scarf Slides For Sale

Below are cowboy scarf slides for sale. A "cowboy scarf" is usually called a wild rag.

Many of the scarf slides below are appropriate for wild rags worn by working cowboys, cowboy re-enactors, or cowboy mounted shooters.

Below: A cowboy scarf slide.

Cowboy scarf slide

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Cowboy Scarf Slide Savvy

Photos Of Cowboy Scarf Slides

This is a side view of the same scarf slide shown at the top of this page. Notice the tape around the back. If the opening of a scarf slide is too big for your wild rag, you can add a little bit of tape to the back to make the opening smaller. Be sure to use tape that won't leave a stain or sticky residue on your wild rag. We like to use Self-Fusing Silicone Rescue Tape (1", Clear).

Cowboy scarf slide from the back


This is a beautiful horse hair scarf slide. This style, with the center hole, is a nice, once-size-fits-most design. You can simply push the slide up the scarf until it's snug.

A hitched cowboy scarf slide


A pretty, stone-look scarf slide with pewter. See the next photo for the back of this slide.

Stone look cowboy scarf slide


This is the back of the scarf slide shown above. The sides and center are hinged so the center can move up and down to open or close. This type of back often grips a wild rag very gently. For that reason, it may not hold tightly enough in active situations. If needed, you can add tape to the back like the scarf slide shown several photos above.

The back of a cowboy scarf slide


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