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Rhinestone Cowgirl Belts

Below are rhinestone cowgirl belts for sale. Rhinestones are a made to resemble diamonds.

Although rhinestones are not actually diamonds they are beautiful in their own right. They come in various colors and are common accessories to a wide variety of items including cowgirl belts, jewelry, and more. For more information about rhinestones please scroll down underneath the belts for sale.

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

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See more rhinestone cowgirl belts on eBay

What Is Rhinestone?

Rhinestones are a diamond simulant often made from rock crystals or glass. Rhinestones were originally made from stones gathered at the Rhine river, in Europe, which gives the stone its name. Although rhinestones are made to look like diamonds, they are beautiful in their own right.

The Rhine River is a major river on the continent of Europe. It runs from the Swiss Alps, through Germany and the Netherlands, and flows into the North Sea. Aside from being known as the original source of rhinestones, it is also famous for being very beautiful in many locations and for being lined with historic castles. It is over seven hundred miles long.

Below: The Rhine River. This section is located in the Upper Rhine Valley between Basel, Switzerland and Bingen, Germany.

Rhine River


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