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Western Bolo Ties For Sale On eBay!

Below are bolo ties for sale on eBay. Bolo (or bola) ties are a style of neckwear popular with Western and/or Native American dress. There are usually several hundred to choose from. Bolo ties are also frequently called bola ties.  Please scroll down for more information on bolo ties.

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Bolo (aka Bola) Tie Savvy

A bolo or bola tie is a style of neckwear. A bolo tie is a string, cord, or something similar worn around the wearer's neck and held in place by an ornamental clasp called a bolo. The ends of the string or cord are commonly tipped with silver, small pendants, or some other form of decoration. Bolo ties are particularly popular in the United States as a form of Western or Native American dress. They are more commonly worn by men but are also frequently worn by women.

Bolo Ties - Fun Stuff To Know

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