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How To... Care For Your Saddle Pad

A good saddle pad can be an investment. Below are some tips for taking care of your saddle pad or blanket.

If your pad or blanket came with care instructions from the manufacturer, use the manufacture's instructions instead of the tips or information you may find here.

Tips For Caring For Your Saddle Blanket Or Pad

  • Every few rides put your saddle pad or blanket over a pipe fence or stall door and give it several good whacks with an old tennis racket or something similar. This will knock off dust and loose hair, and help to keep dust, dirt, hair, etc., from caking up on it. Do both sides. Follow by brushing the side that goes against the horse with a soft or medium horse brush. You can also use a rubber curry comb if you use it gently. Some sponges also work well for grabbing and removing dirt and hair. You can use a soft brush or sponge on the top side of the blanket or pad as well, but don't clean the top side too vigorously or you may fray the material.
  • Vacuums are also good for sucking loose dirt and hair off of your blanket or pad. Use the hose attachment of your home vacuum and go over the entire blanket or pad slowly. You can also use the vacuum at a local car wash.

At right: A car wash vacuum. When used regularly, vacuums can do a good job of removing loose dirt and hair from your saddle blanket or pad.

Saddle blanket care: Vacuums can help clean your saddle blanket
  • If you take your blanket or pad to the car wash don't hang it up using the clamps that are often provided for hanging vehicle mats. Your pad or blanket will get very heavy when it gets wet and hanging it from the clamps could badly distort its shape or cause it to rip or tear.

At right: A saddle pad in a clamp at a car wash. If you take your blanket or pad to a car wash, do not hang it from the clamps provided for vehicle mats.

Saddle pad care: Don't hang your pad to wash or dry

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