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How To Take Horse Pictures - Page 2 of 2

A few more examples and information on how to take better pictures of horses.

Take Horse Pictures - Page 1

Take Horse Pictures - Page 2

No Clutter

Make sure the background of the photo is clean and uncluttered (this includes shadows). Your horse should dominate the photograph, with little or nothing to distract the eye. Most often a "bland" background is a good background. If your background is distracting, move the horse, change your angle, etc.

In this photo the attention that should be on the sorrel horse is shared with clutter in the background.

A horse picture with a cluttered background

In this photo the eye is drawn to the horse without being distracted by objects in the background.

A horse picture with a clean background

From Etsy

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In many cases you will want the horse to be centered in the picture. However, off-center framing can be perfect for some shots.

For example, capturing a bronc at a rodeo in a moment of exciting action, a little offside so you can see the reaction of the crowd in the stands, may make a good picture even better. For additional ideas and suggestions for off-center framing, we suggest you look up the "rule of thirds" for photography in your favorite Web search engine.

Don't Hesitate!

If you see a good shot, take it! Don't hesitate! For most people hesitating is a common reaction because they want to wait to see if the contents of their photo are going to get even better.

Unfortunately, things often don't get better and frequently get worse. So, we repeat: If you see a good shot, take it!

A fairly nice photo.

Photo of a Paint horse

For anyone using a digital camera hesitating should no longer be an excuse for blowing a photo. With a digital camera there is no concern about the cost of developing photos, so you can take a lot of photos without adding to your costs. You can then preview all of your photos and simply delete the ones that didn't work out.

A split second after the photo above was taken the horse swished its tail and began to walk off. If you see a shot, take it without hesitating!

Photo of the same Paint horse about to walk off

Take Horse Pictures - Page 1

Take Horse Pictures - Page 2

Digital Camera Software: The Two "Biggees" Of Editing Photos

If you own a digital camera there's a good chance some type of photo editing software came along with it. Most photo editing software, even the free and inexpensive versions, is surprisingly powerful and filled with all kinds of great editing choices for your photos. Most of this software is so filled with features, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to the point no one wants to bother with trying to learn it all.

However, there are two features everyone should be comfortable with using in photo editing software. If you only learn these two features (both are surprisingly simple) and ignore everything else the software can do, you will be able to transform many mediocre photos into good ones. The two features are cropping and cloning.

For example, with cropping, this:

This horse picture needs cropped

can become this:

This picture has been cropped to bring the horse closer

For example, with cloning, this......

Photo of a horse with a distracting background

......can become this:

The cluttered background above the horse's head is gone. Dirt from other parts of the arena was cloned over the top of the clutter.

The same photo with a clean background



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