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Covers For Barrel Racing Barrels

An attractive cover can hide a rusty barrel or one that needs painting.

The right barrel cover can also make any barrel more attractive to help make the barrel racing event look more professional. Barrel covers can often be customized with your own colors, design, or logo.

Below: A cover on a barrel during the barrel racing event.

A barrel racer turns a barrel with a cover

The Tough-1 Barrel Cover
Red, white, and blue barrel covers by Tough-1. From Amazon.

From eBay and Etsy

Note: Sometimes collapsible barrels show up in the results below in addition to the barrel covers. They can look similar at first glance, so be careful and be sure you know which one you're looking at! In addition, barrel racing accessories can also be seen in the results below.


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Good Things To Know Before Buying A Barrel Cover

Looking for a barrel saddle? See Billy Cook barrel saddles for sale.

Barrel Racing Cover Photos

Below: A custom barrel cover with a ranch's name and logo. For a custom cover, check out BrandedCactusCo on Etsy.

A custom barrel cover with company name and brand


Below: Another barrel racer turns a covered barrel.

A metal barrel in the barrel racing with an attractive cover


Below: This is a closer look at the barrel and cover above. The green arrow is pointing to a zipper used to takes this particular cover on and off the barrel. Not all barrel covers use zippers.

A close-up look at a cover on a metal barrel


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