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SleekEZ Grooming Tool

The SleekEZ is a grooming/shedding tool for horses, dogs, cats, or pretty much anything that has hair or fur.

Created by equine dentist Jennifer Tipton, the SleekEZ is a simple device: A block of wood made to comfortably fit in your hand that holds a short metal blade with a saw-tooth type of pattern. Below are SleekEZs for sale on eBay. For more information about the SleekEZ please scroll down.

Below: A 5 inch wide SleekEZ. They also come in 2.5 inch and 10 inch widths.

A 5 inch wide SleekEZ

From eBay and Amazon

When shopping, keep in mind that the SleekEZ comes in 3 widths: 10 inches, 5 inches, and 3 inches.

About The SleekEZ

The SleekEZ is a grooming tool for horses, dogs, cats, or pretty much anything that is hairy or furry. It is a very simple tool: A comfortable wooden handle that holds a short metal blade that has a saw-tooth type of pattern. The large handle and single, short blade seems to be part of the clever design: Unlike other brushes, hair does not pack into the SleekEZ as you use it. The SleekEZ is, or almost is, self-cleaning.

The SleekEZ comes in 3 sizes:

Below: A shedding horse after a few strokes with a SleekEZ.

Using the SleekEZ on a shedding horse



A SleekEZ Review

Here at CowboyWay we have a 5 inch wide SleekEZ and we love it. You can read our full review here: SleekEZ Review, but here are a few quick reasons we think it's great:

Below: A felt saddle pad liner with caked-on hair from lots of use.

A felt saddle pad liner before using the SleekEZ


Below: The same felt saddle pad liner after using the SleekEZ. The SleekEZ removed the hair quickly and easily.

The same pad liner after using the SleekEZ


SleekEZ Video

The video below shows the SleekEZ being used on a horse, dog, and cat, as well as a saddle pad.


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