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Skid Boots For Horses

A horse "skid boot" is a protective boot designed to be used on the back legs of a horse.

Skid boots vary in design, but always cover the back of the hind fetlock joints. (Depending on the design, the skid boots might cover a larger area also.) The back of the fetlock joint on the hind legs could feel a burning sensation, if not protected, when a horse drives its back legs into the ground.

Below: Leather skid boots on the back legs of a horse.

Heavy leather skid boots on a horse

Riders in varying disciplines use skid boots to protect their horses during active riding such as jumping, barrel racing, reining, roping, and more. For more information about skid boots please scroll down beneath the boots for sale.

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Skid Boot Savvy

Skid boots are protective boots put on the legs of a horse to protect the back of the fetlock joint during hard or active riding.

Riders that commonly use skid boots use them for barrel racing, reining, roping, and more.

Skid boots are designed to prevent a horse from feeling a burning sensation when the horse drives its legs into the ground, like during fast, hard, turns or during a deep stop.

Below: The yellow arrows are pointing to the back of the fetlock joints on a horse's rear leg.

Skid boots protect the back of the fetlock joint


Shopping for skid boots for your horse can sometimes be confusing because of the different terms used to mean the same thing.

For example, skid boots are referred to by some people as rundown boots, and still others call a boot either a "skid" boot or a "rundown" boot depending on whether its worn on the front or rear legs.

Below: A different style of splint boots than the ones shown at the top of the page.

Neoprene splint boots


When a skid boot is combined with another kind of boot, like a splint boot and/or a bell boot it is called a combo boot. When shopping for any kind of protective boots for your horse on the Web or anywhere else read the product description very carefully and examine the pictures closely to know exactly what type of boot you are looking at.

Below: Splint boots and bell boots on the front, skid boots on the back.

A horse wearing splint boots, bell boots, and skid boots


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