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Custom Polo Wraps For Sale

Below are polo wraps for sale. Polo wraps are a type of protective leg wrap for horses.

Polo wraps are usually made from a soft, flexible material, such as fleece. While polo wraps are used for a variety of reasons they are typically used to protect a horse's legs during such activities as riding, shipping, or when a horse is turned out. They are also used simply as a fashion accessory: They can be very useful to tie a "look" together for an overall, professional appearance. Polo wraps are commonly used both on just the front feet or on all four feet. They are also commonly used alone or with additional padding underneath.

Most of the polo wraps below are custom made, but it's important to know exactly what "custom made" means because it can mean at least two different things:

Below: Polo wraps on a cutting horse.

Polo wraps on a cutting horse

From eBay and Etsy

eBay and Etsy are both excellent sources to find custom polo wraps. This page lets you compare price and selection from both of them on one convenient page!

See more custom polo wraps on eBay

See more custom polo wraps on Etsy

A Few More Polo Wraps From Etsy

Below is a random selection of Etsy sellers we have found offering custom polo wraps. Or, click here to see all the polo wraps on Etsy (these include both custom wraps that are not made until you place your order, and already made, ready to ship wraps).

Remember, most of the polo wraps shown below were made in the past for someone else so the wraps shown will not be available. However, the photo still serves as a good example as to what that Etsy seller can create.

TheHoundstoothHorse, located in Ferndale, Michigan, makes customized polo wraps as well as a wide variety of other custom items for horses. They offer a wide selection of colors and thread colors for the wraps, and also offer monogramming. Click here to visit the TheHoundstoothHorse Etsy shop.

More Info / Buy

Blue custom polo wraps

BitofBlingEquestrian, located in Ontario, Canada, makes customized polo wraps in sets of two or four. They offer a wide selection of colors and thread colors for the wraps, and also offer monogramming. They commonly ship to the USA as well as Canadao. Click here to visit the BitofBlingEquestrian Etsy shop.

More Info / Buy

Mogogrammed, customized polo wraps for horses

See more custom polo wraps on Etsy

Tips For Buying Custom Polo Wraps For Sale On Etsy

The best tip we know of for a smooth Etsy transaction for you and the seller is simple: Communicate! Begin by reading the product's description to find out such information as:

Last but not least, if you have any questions about custom polo wraps be sure to ask the seller before you buy! Look for the "Ask a Question" button on the right-hand side of an item's description, to the right of the photo(s).

Below: Dark blue polo wraps.

Blue polo wraps

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