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Slotted Conchos

Below are slotted conchos for sale. There is usually a good selection in different metals, colors, and sizes. Conchos with slots are popular with horse people and leather crafters for a wide variety of uses.

Below: Two slotted conchos being used with tie strings on a saddle.

Two slotted conchos on a saddle

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more slotted conchos on Etsy

See more slotted conchos on eBay

Slotted Concho Photos

While slotted conchos are popular for a lot of different reasons, using them on a saddle with tie strings is a common one. Below are a few photos of slotted conchos on different saddles.

Below: An attractive concho without slots (blue arrow) and a matching slotted concho with tie strings (red arrow).

A plain concho and a slotted concho on a ranch saddle


Below: This saddle has silver conchos without slots (and without tie strings).

A saddle with conchos that don't have slots or tie strings


Below: A slotted concho with tie strings near the fork of a saddle.

A slotted concho at the front of a saddle near the fork


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