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An Easyboot® is a horse boot made by EasyCare, Inc. Easyboots for horses are used in treatment for such conditions as founder, navicular, punctures, bruises, and more. They are also used for riding, with or without traditional horse shoes.

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What Are Easyboots?

An Easyboot® is a horse boot made by the company EasyCare, Inc. Made of durable polyurethane, they have been used widely and successfully for 30+ years for the correction and treatment of a wide variety of hoof ailments including founder, navicular,  punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels, and other maladies.

In addition, Easyboots are frequently used as an alternative for traditional horse shoes, being used extensively for endurance and other types of riding, and wherever extra traction may be needed such as on snow or ice, and pavement. Many riders that still use traditional shoeing on their horses will carry an Easyboot along during a ride for use if a horse should lose a shoe.

Easyboots are applied and removed easily by most people, and their uses extend beyond just riding. Many people will put Easyboots on their horses for hauling, both to provide superior traction in a moving vehicle and cushioning. They are also used extensively for breeding purposes: Putting Easyboots on the hind feet of a mare will provide more protection than bare or shod hooves if the mare should kick the stallion during breeding.

There are several different kinds and styles of Easyboots. There is the original Easyboot, the Easyboot Bare (a more flexible style designed to stretch and flex to mimic the movement of a bare hoof), the Boa Hoof Boot (designed to stay on during more aggressive riding conditions), the Epic (designed to stay on in extreme conditions such as riding in mud or snow) and others.

Different Types Of Easyboots

The descriptions below are from EasyCare, Inc., the maker of the Easyboot. These are just a few of the types of Easyboots available.

Original Easyboot

"The boot that started it all—proven success since 1970. Sitting entirely below the coronet band, it features a new tread and redesigned buckle." 

Easyboot Epic

"The Easyboot Epic is the ideal boot for aggressive conditions or for a horse that is difficult to keep booted. The attached Easyboot Gaiter provides extra protection to the hoof and prevents excess dirt and debris from entering the boot. It also helps secure the boot in extreme conditions such as mud, snow and water crossings."

Easyboot Trail

"The Easyboot Trail is the easiest hoof boot in the world to apply and remove. The attachment system assures booted success throughout the trim cycle. The boot opens up completely to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes. The rear double Velcro® attachment protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place. EasyCare Gaiters are an optional accessory (sold separately)."

Easyboot Sizes

Don't know what size of Easyboot you need? Here are two pages on the EasyCare Inc. website to help you out:


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