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How To Clean Silver Conchos

Cleaning tarnished silver conchos doesn't have to be difficult.

Lower on this page is an easy, no-rub way to clean silver, and you only need common household items to do it.

The biggest drawback with this method is that the silver conchos need to be removed from the halter, bridle, saddle, or other tack. Obviously, then, this way of removing tarnish won't be suitable for all conchos.

However, if you can remove the concho(s) from the tack this technique is simple and provides fast, easy results.

Below: A "before" and "after" split screen of one of the many conchos we've cleaned using the method described on this page.

A half-tarnished, half-clean, silver concho

First, Make Sure The Silver Is Ok To Clean

Not all silver is created equal.

In addition, some silver has a protective finish, and cleaning it with the method on this page - or any method - might be harmful to it. For example, Circle Y has this to say about their silver:

"Circle Y silver is sterling silver electroplated and has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing-clean with a damp cloth only. Abrasive or chemical cleaners should not be used because they could result in removal of the protective finish."

This may apply to other silver items, too, not just ones from Circle Y.

Disclaimer: Clean any silver with the method below - or any method - at your own risk.

Step 1 - Items You Will Need

To clean your silver conchos you won't need much, just a few common household items: 

Below: A heavily tarnished bridle concho.

A heavily tarnished silver concho

Step 2 - How To Clean The Concho

The "how to" is very simple:

You're done! Well, probably. If you feel like your concho has really tight spaces, like the rope edge shown on the concho on this page, a simple rinse might not remove all the loosened tarnish in the tight areas. You may need to run an old, soft toothbrush over the tight spaces to make sure they rinse clean.

Below: The same concho shown higher on this page after cleaning it with the method described above.

A shiny silver concho that has been cleaned

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How To Get Poor Results

This method for cleaning silver conchos is simple to do and works really well. However, it is possible to screw it up.

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