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Black and White Horse Posters

Below is a wonderful selection of black and white horse posters, art prints, canvases, and related items.

For interesting information about the history of black and white photography please scroll down beneath the items for sale.

Below: A black and white photo with a horse looking directly into the camera.

A photo of a horse printed in black and white

From eBay and Etsy

Did you know? Printed or painted art that is called "black and white art" is often actually "grayscale." With grayscale, the colors black, white, and various shades of gray are used instead of just black and white.

See more black and white horse posters on Etsy

See more black and white horse posters on eBay

More Black and White Horse Posters

The black and white horse posters below are available on Amazon.

Reining In black and white horse poster by Lise Cueman
Reining In by Lisa Cueman
Lisa Cueman's "Reining In" captures a reining horse in a stunning sliding stop. See all "Reining In" items on Amazon.

Chief by Kimerlee Curyl
Chief by Kimerlee Curyl
Kimerlee Curyl has traveled the world to photograph all breeds of horses, but has a special spot in her heart for wild horses. She is the premier photographer for Return To Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary. See all Kimerlee Curyl items on Amazon.

Black and white horse poster: Grey Ghost
Grey Ghost by Robert Dawson
Beautiful image of a horse with a black background by photographer Robert Dawson. Robert Dawson has been a contributing photographer for such magazines as Western Horseman and American Cowboy. He has published six books showcasing his art, and has over eighty images produced as high quality lithographic prints. See all "Grey Ghost" items on Amazon.

A black horse and a white horse on canvas wall art
Black and White Horses In 5-Panel Wall Art
Beautiful black and white horses on canvas, on five separate panels.

Horse Posters: Interesting Dates In Photography History

The word "photography" comes from the Greek words "photos" which means "light", and "graphein" which means "to draw." The word was first used by Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839.

The first modern type of photograph - where light was used to make the image - is credited to a Frenchman named Joseph Nicephore Niepce in approximately 1816 (dates vary). It took eight hours of light exposure to create the image, which then faded away. In approximately 1825 (again, dates vary) he began capturing his first permanent images, one of which was of a man leading a horse.

The first known person to create a photograph with a negative from which numerous prints could be made was Englishman Henry Fox Talbot. He used paper that he sensitized to light, then exposed the paper to light. In 1841 Mr. Talbot patented this process under the name "calotype," which is Greek for beautiful picture.

In 1889 George Eastman invented a flexible film that could be rolled, and the mass-produced box camera for black and white photographs suddenly became a reality. A type of color film, Kodachrome, debuted in 1935.


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