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Below is a wonderful selection of Frederic Remington art prints, posters, and other art.

Below: Frederic Remington's painting "Aiding A Comrade."

Frederic Remington's 'Aiding A Comrade' painting

Frederic Remington (1861-1909) was an American artist whose paintings and sculptures focused on and embodied the "cowboy era" of the American West.

Remington's artwork, like that of Charles Russell, is an American treasure that is respected world wide. Frederic Remington's middle name was Sackrider. For more information on Frederic Remington please see the bottom of this page.

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About Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington was born in New York state. He attended several military schools as a child, and received his first formal drawing classes at age 11.

From an early age Frederic had shown a great fondness for drawing, but in those early years he did not plan on making a living as an artist.

At age 17 Frederic attended Yale University for about a year and a half where he continued to show a fondness for drawing, preferring to use his talents to draw football players over the still life subjects offered in class.

At age 19 he made the first of several trips into the American West, and though he would continue to live in the Eastern part of the country, it was his love of the West that would take seed and flourish in his art.

Below: Remington's "Dash For Timber."

A painting by Frederic Remingtont titled 'Dash For Timber'


After attempting careers as a sheep rancher in Kansas and as an investor in a hardware store and saloon, Frederic began to earnestly apply himself as an artist, rising to fame for his vivid portrayals of the American West. He was particularly well known for portraying cowboys, American Indians, and the United States Cavalry. He died in his Connecticut home in 1909 at the young age of 48 from peritonitis following an emergency appendectomy.

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