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Taking Rodeo On The Road

During the 1880s in America the sport that would one day be called rodeo was beginning to take shape. While rodeos in those days weren't called rodeos (they were called things like “blowouts” or “cowboy tournaments”) cheering crowds in the American West were nonetheless gathering to watch cowboys ride bucking horses, steers, bulls, and buffalo.

Crowds of that day also got to see sharp shooting, steer and buffalo roping, trick riding, horse and foot races, and some pretty spectacular wild west reenactments.

In the more densely populated Eastern half of the country, though, these kinds of exhibitions and contests were pretty much unheard of. Several innovative men saw a business opportunity in this, and decided to do something about it: Instead of bringing crowds to the rodeo, they would take rodeo to the crowds.

Two of the earliest and most influential men who made this happen were Buffalo Bill Cody (William F. Cody) and Pawnee Bill (Gordon Lillie). These men formed what became famously known as the Wild West Show, and traveled the country and abroad showcasing the skills of the men and women of the American West.

People worldwide soon fell in love with cowboys and cowgirls, or at least in the romanticized versions that were presented to them. Rodeo posters were highly popular during the period, advertising the arrival of the thrilling Wild West Show. Rodeo posters are still popular today, showcasing rodeo from its earliest forms to the modern sport it has evolved into.

Below: An 1890 Buffalo Bill Wild West show poster.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show rodeo poster


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