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Charles Russell Art Prints

Charles Marion Russell (1864-1926) was an American artist whose paintings and sculptures are cherished and respected by admirers world wide.

Below: Charles Russell's "The Challenge." Available from Etsy as a low-cost, instant digital download.

A painting by Charles Russell of two wild stallions fighting: The Challenge

A self-taught artist, Charles Russell's art is well known for focusing on the American West during the late 1800's. His artwork frequently depicts vivid action, great detail, an ornery humor, and sorrow over the passing of the "cowboy era" in the American West that he knew personally.

Like Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell's artwork is considered a great and uniquely American treasure. For more information on Charles Russell please see the bottom on this page.

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From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

Below are some of renowned artist Charles M. Russell's most beautiful posters and art (including canvas art) from various sellers across the Web.

See more Charles Russell art on Etsy

See more Charles Russel art on eBay

More Charles Russell

Below are more Charles M. Russell art prints, posters, and sometimes other items on Etsy.

A Bad Hoss

An art print of Charles Russell's 1909 painting A Bad Hoss

Russell's painting "A Bad Hoss" showcases wild action in a working cowboy's bronc ride. There's usually an excellent selection of "A Bad Hoss" on Etsy.


A Bronc To Breakfast

Charles Russell action-packed painting titled A Bronc To Breakfast

"A Bronc To Breakfast" is one of Charles Russell's most famous and popular paintings. It is usually available on Etsy in several different sizes of art prints. To see what's currently available, you can use this link: Bronc To Breakfast on Etsy.


In Without Knocking

In Without Knocking painting by Charles M. Russell

Charles Russell was a master at depicting action as shown in "In Without Knocking." Available on Etsy.

Charles M. Russell, Cowboy and Artist

Charles Marion Russell (1864 - 1926) was born in St. Louis, MO, but made his way to the Judith Basin area of Montana when he was barely 16 years old.

As a child Russell had fantasized about becoming a cowboy in the great American West, and two years after arriving in Judith Basin he realized his dream by becoming a night wrangler. He pursued both his passions of cowboying and art for 11 years before finally becoming a full-time artist.

Many historians credit Charles Russell's wife Nancy (the former Nancy Cooper, married to Charles in 1896) with the business acumen that gained her husband the national and international fame his art deserved. Charles Russell died in 1926 at his home in Montana.

Below: 1907 studio portrait of Charles Marion Russell.

Portrait of Charles Marion Russell

Charles M. Russell Trivia


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