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Longhorn Cow Posters / Art Prints

Longhorn cattle, also known as Texas Longhorn cattle, are a hardy breed that originated in the southern part of the United States, predominantly in what is now Texas.

Descendants from Spanish cattle brought to North America in the late 1400s by Spanish explorers and settlers, Longhorns are known for their ability to thrive in tough conditions, their lean meat, bright coat patterns, and especially for their exceptionally long horns. For more information on Longhorns please see the bottom on this page.

Below are Longhorn cow photographs in posters, art prints, and related art available from various sellers across the Web. The term "cow" is used a bit loosely here, as the posters and art prints below could be of cows, calves, steers, heifers, and/or bulls.

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

In addition to Longhorns, the occasional Scottish Highlander other breed of cattle sometimes shows up below, too. In addition, while most of the items below are posters, a few other types of results might might appear, such as canvas prints.

See more Longhorn cow posters on Etsy

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More Longhorn Cow Posters

The Longhorn cow posters and artwork below is available from Amazon.

Longhorn cow in gallery wrap art
Texas Longhorn In Bluebonnets CANVAS
Printed in archival quality on premium canvas and stretch mounted.
Stretched canvas brings depth and texture to this vibrant image.

Longhorn cow in bluebonnets
Texas Longhorn In Bluebonnets POSTER
Texas is famous for its Longhorn cattle and beautiful wildflowers. Archival Print - will last for decades. Not a mass-produced poster, which will show fading after just a few years.

Brown and tan Longhorn steer
Handsome Longhorn Steer
This handsome brown and tan Longhorn steer shows the famous "Texas Twist" in his long, twisty horns. Comes ready to hang, frame, or mat.

Longhorn ingrained art with blank edge
Longhorn Ingrained Art With Blank Edges
The solid multi-piece basswood panel retains the natural bark on two edges giving a unique look to this decorative piece. Subtle wood grain enhances the image. Made in America.

About Longhorn Cattle

As stated above, Longhorns, or Texas Longhorns, are descendants from Spanish cattle brought to North America in the late 1400s by Spanish explorers and settlers. As these cattle mixed with other European breeds that arrived later they adapted to their new climate, which was often harsh and unforgiving. Slowly a new, extremely hardy breed evolved, the breed of cattle we know today as the Texas Longhorn.

The Longhorn flourished in the southern part of the United States, roaming in vast herds and becoming famous as the breed used in the large cattle drives of the 1800s. However, as the American range became fenced in and more heavily populated, the Longhorn breed began to disappear, giving way to newer, imported breeds of cattle. The breed was preserved by a few cattlemen who believed in the value of the Longhorn's characteristics, and by the United States government which preserved them on wildlife refuges in Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Today, Longhorns are still known for their ability to thrive in tough conditions, their lean meat, bright coat patterns, and their exceptionally long horns. Longhorn cows are also known to be extremely protective of their calves, usually far more so than many other breeds.


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