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Fake A Forelock

Is your horse extra-sensitive to flies on his face when you ride?

If your horse is preoccupied with flies on his face when you ride, try using a fake forelock to help keep him more comfortable and focused.

Below: A ranch horse with a fake forelock.

A fake forelock on a horse

If you would like a fake forelock for your horse, ask your your local saddle shop to put together a simple brow band with hair sewn into it for you. Encourage them to use glue along with the stitching because the hairs are more apt to slide out with stitching alone.

Because saddle shops often don't have extra horse hair on hand, you might need to supply it yourself. If you can't harvest some mane or tail hair from an extra-hairy horse you happen to know, you can order horse hair from eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.


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