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Trim Chin Hairs

During cold weather when your horse gets shaggy, trim the chin area where the curb strap rests.

Trimming this area will help prevent long hairs from getting rubbed the wrong way, tangled, tweaked or pulled by the curb strap when you're ride. This can result in a more comfortable ride for your horse.

Below: This horse has had her chin hairs trimmed where the curb strap rests.

Trimmed chin hair on a horse

You don't need a set of electrical clippers to trim chin hairs, although electric clippers can be fast and handy to use. Even so, a sharp pair of scissors will do a good job.

By the way, for some horses, the chin strap area may benefit from a little trimming even in the summer when the hairs are shorter.

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Actually, we like to trim the entire underside of our horses' chins and throats when they get long hairs in the winter. But if you prefer not to trim the entire area your horse will probably appreciate the area where the curb strap rests being trimmed.


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