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Farrier Business Cards

Below are farrier business cards featuring graphics and designs for farriers and horseshoers. They are offered for sale from Zazzle, Amazon, and eBay. While they can all be personalized with your own text and information, in our opinion the personalization is quickest and easiest at Zazzle.

Though the words "farrier," "blacksmith," and "horseshoer" are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference. For more information, please scroll down beneath the business cards for sale.

Below: An easily personalized farrier business card. From Zazzle.

Farrier, Horseshoe Business Cards
Farrier - Horseshoe Service Business Card
by CountryCorner

From Zazzle

On Zazzle, the business cards are quickly and easily personalized and you can preview exactly how the finished cards will look BEFORE you place your order.

See farrier business cards on Zazzle

From eBay and Amazon

NOTE: Many, but not all, of the farrier-specific business cards we've seen on eBay have been from international sellers (often, the United Kingdom). However, many international sellers will ship to the USA, and they might have the business cards you're looking for.

See more farrier business cards on Amazon

See farrier business cards on eBay

Below: A 1908, World War I British photograph of an army mule in stocks waiting for the farrier.

Mule wating for a farrier

Farriers, Blacksmiths, and Horseshoers, Oh My!

A farrier is a person who specializes in the care of a horse's hooves. While farriers are knowledgeable in many aspects of hoof care, they are perhaps best known for their skills in trimming horses hooves and shoeing horses.

A blacksmith is a person who makes or repairs things made of iron or steel. A farrier is a type of blacksmith with a specialty in the care and/or shoeing of a horse's hooves. (Note: While farriers typically work with metal to shoe horses, they might work with other materials also.) Blacksmiths (including farriers) can "cold" shape metal (including horseshoes), meaning they create, repair, or shape metal without the use of heat, or they can use a heat source, such as a forge, to make the metal temporarily more pliable while they work with it.

Defining the word "horseshoer" can be a bit tricky. To many people a horseshoer and farrier are the same thing. For other folks, though, the words are somewhat different: They use the word "horseshoer" for anyone who shoes horses, and use the word "farrier" for those who have had a formal education in the craft, such as at a trade school.

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