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Original Cowboy Paintings

Original cowboy paintings are treasured by many as unique, classic pieces of art.

Some cowboy paintings feature the life of the working cowboy, while others show cowboys in the rodeo arena. While most of the paintings depict the American cowboy (and sometimes cowgirls, too) others portray scenes of "cowboying" in other countries.

Below are original cowboy paintings for sale on the Web. Please scroll down underneath the paintings for sale for good things to know before buying an original painting on the Web or anywhere else.

Note: Not everyone agrees on the definition of an "original" painting. We briefly discuss this below. You might also like this page with lots of cowboy posters.

Below: An image of famous cowboy artist Frederic Remington's classic 1902 painting "The Cowboy."

Depiction of an original painting by cowboy artist Frederic Remington

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more original cowboy paintings on Etsy

See more original cowboy paintings on eBay

Below: Thomas Eakins' original painting "Cowboy - Study for Cowboys in the Badlands."

Thomas Eakins cowboy painting


Good Things To Know Before Buying A Cowboy Painting

There are a lot of good things to know before buying a cowboy painting on the Web or anywhere else. While these things are too numerous to mention here, below we still offer a short list of things to know before you buy.

What we don't mention in the list are things you should know about the artist of the cowboy painting, but you should make an effort to research any information you can about the artist, particularly if the painting is considered to be valuable or collectible.

Many people have successfully and happily purchased paintings and other art on the Web. It has become a terrific place for buyers and sellers from all areas of the country and the world to sell and buy hard-to-find paintings they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

As with any transaction on or offline, though, make sure you thoroughly research the item you're interested in as well as the seller offering it for sale.

What Is Original Art?

Not everyone agrees on the definition of "original art." If fact, the definition can sometimes be a thorny and disputed subject among artists and art collectors. However, we'll give a few commonly accepted definitions below.

  1. When an artist creates a unique work of art themselves it is generally defined as being an original piece of art. An artist commonly uses their hand or hands to create original art, but some artists use their mouth or feet. An animal artist such as an elephant might use its trunk. You get the idea.
  2. Additionally, if a piece of art is created by an assistant, but under the direct supervision and approval of the artist, those pieces are sometimes also considered to be originals. A common example of this might include a glass maker who allows originals to be created in their shop by assistants but with the artist's approval and under their supervision.

When using the phrase "unique work of or art" to define an original, the word "unique" can be very important: If an artist creates a work of art with their own hands (or mouth, feet, etc.), but at least one other person creates a piece based off of the same subject at the same time, the art may, or may not, be considered to be unique and therefore not an original. A group of people gathered around the same model creating paintings at the same time can be just one example of this.

What Are Original Prints?

An "original print" is when a work of art is produced through the use of a matrix (i.e., a substance or material) created by the artist in order to produce the print.

A common example of this is a printing plate created by an artist. For the definition of "original print" it's important to realize that the plate (or other matrix) is not recreating art that has already been produced: The plate itself is an original created by the artist for the purpose of creating original prints. Each original print that is produced by the plate is considered to be an original as opposed to a copy.

Original prints are often, but not always, signed and/or numbered by the artist. Desirable original prints are often considered to be worthy artistic investments. Commonly, the matrix that produced the print is destroyed after a certain number of original prints are produced, and the prints are then known as “Limited Edition Prints.”

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