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Longhorn Cow Skulls

Real and faux (reproduction) Longhorn cow skulls for sale.

Some of the skulls are natural, while others are painted, carved, or otherwise decorated in some way.

When referring to cow skulls, there are times the word "cow" is a generic term: The skull could be from a cow, heifer, steer, or bull. Please scroll down for good things to know before buying a Longhorn cow skull, or any skull.

Below: A Longhorn cow skull.

A Longhorn cow skull with large horns

Below are Longhorn skulls for sale from various sellers across the Web.

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more Longhorn cow skulls on Etsy

See more Longhorn cow skulls on eBay

Tips For Buying Longhorn Cow Skulls

Here are some good things to know before buying a cow skull on eBay or anywhere else:

The Web can be one of the best places around to find a really terrific cow skull, but understanding what you are, and are not getting, with your purchase is key to a happy transaction. If you have any questions about a Longhorn cow skull be sure to ask the seller before you bid or buy.

About Longhorn Cow Skulls and the Texas Twist

Most people know that the word "Longhorn" is a shortened version of the phrase Texas Longhorn, the name of a breed of cattle. Longhorns are a hardy breed that descended from Spanish cattle brought by explorers in the 1400s to the southern part of what would later become the United States, predominantly in what is now Texas. Longhorns are known for their ability to thrive in tough conditions, their lean meat, bright coat patterns, and especially for their exceptionally long horns.

What many people don't know, however, is that in the Longhorn breed it is the cows and/or steers that have traditionally grown the showiest horns. Most people who prize the natural beauty of a Longhorn skull not only want the exceptional overall length produced by Longhorns, but they also want the "Texas Twist," the famous, twisty growth pattern associated with Longhorn horns. Longhorn bulls, while still growing a magnificent set of horns, typically grow horns that are open and wide without the famed Texas Twist.

Below is a photo of a Longhorn cow with beautiful, long horns showing the Texas Twist. At one time Longhorn cows and/or steers were prized for horn growth that grew mostly up with a pronounced twist, instead of out with a flatter twist. The cow in the photo was born after the earlier trend and is growing horns that grow more outward than up, and with a milder Texas Twist.

Below: A Longhorn cow with a mild, but definite, Texas Twist.

Longhorn cow with Texas Twist horns

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