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Bridle and Breast Collar Sets

Below are matching or coordinating bridles and breast collars sold in sets for sale.

Actually, most of the items below are headstall and breast collar sets. Loosely defined, a headstall is a bridle without the bit (or nose piece, etc.). For more information on bridles and headstalls please scroll down underneath the items for sale.

Below: A matching bridle and breast collar set on a ranch horse.

A leather bridle with silver conchos

From eBay and Etsy

See more bridle and breast collar sets on Etsy

See bridle and breast collar sets on eBay

Below: Bridles and breast collars that come in sets range from the mild to the wild! Love the fringe? See fringed bridle and breast collars sets on Etsy.

A leather breast collar with silver conchos

A Bridle Is...

A bridle is a piece of equipment put on a horse's head to communicate with it while it is being ridden. A bridle is made up of two basic parts:

It's not uncommon to hear a headstall, by itself, referred to as a bridle. Technically, of course, this isn't correct but it's sometimes done when horse people - including the ones that know the difference - are speaking casually.

Below: The two main parts of a bridle.

A bridle on a gray horse

A Breast Collar Is...

A breast collar is a piece of equipment added to a saddle that helps to keep the saddle in the proper place. A breast collar attaches to one side of the saddle, then goes across the front of the horse (aka the breast) and attaches to the other side of the saddle.

The primary job of a breast collar is to keep the saddle from sliding too far back, but it can also help to keep the saddle from tipping side-to-side. Breast collars are considered by many horse people in both English and Western riding disciplines to be an essential piece of equipment.

Below: A breast collar (yellow arrow) that matches the headstall.

A Western breast collar

Save The Bridle and Breast Collar For Later

If you find a bridle and breast collar set for sale on Etsy that you like but you're not ready to purchase it right away, you can always add it to your shopping cart so it will be easy to find later.

Important: Putting items in your Etsy shopping cart or "Save for later" list does NOT reserve them! It just makes them easier to find if they're still available when you come back.

Below: Screenshot image showing the "Save for later" and "Remove" links when an item is in the Etsy shopping cart.

Cowboy Etsy shopping cart


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