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Western Horse Bits For Sale

Below are Western horse bits for sale on eBay. You will find hundreds of Western bits in curb, snaffle, and gag styles.

Horse Bit Savvy

What is the difference between a "curb" bit and a "snaffle" bit? Curb bits work off of leverage and snaffle bits work off of a direct pull.

Curb bits allow the reins to be attached to the bit in such a way as to give the rider leverage when the reins are pulled on. Most commonly, but not always, the reins are attached to a shank that extends downward from the mouthpiece of the bit. Attaching the reins to the bottom of the shank, or in any other manner that gives the rider leverage when the reins are used, makes a bit a curb bit.

A "snaffle" bit, on the other hand, is a type of bit where the reins are attached in such a way as to place a direct pull on the mouthpiece of the bit without the use of leverage.


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