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Laser Etched Saddle Pads

Below are saddle pads for sale with laser etched designs.

Laser etching leather creates detailed designs with clean, sealed edges. For more information on laser etching leather, please scroll down beneath the saddle pads for sale.

From eBay and Amazon

See more laser etched saddle pads on eBay

See more laser etched saddle pads on Amazon

About Laser Etching Leather

Laser etching, or engraving, leather is a process that uses a laser beam to change certain areas of leather (the pattern, or design) from a solid phase directly to a gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. The process of a solid, which in this case is the leather, going directly to a gas is known as "sublimation."

Laser etching of leather results in clean, sealed edges, as opposed to the rough edges prone to fraying that commonly result when using other methods of marking or cutting leather. Laser etching is also very precise, and can be used to achieve highly delicate, detailed designs.

By the way, the word "laser" is an acronym of "light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation."

Save The Saddle Pad For Later

If you find a laser etched saddle pad on Amazon that you like but you're not ready to purchase it right away, you can always add it to your shopping cart so it will be easy to find later.

Important: Putting items in your Amazon shopping cart or "Save for later" list does NOT reserve them! It just makes them easier to find if they're still in stock when you come back.

Below: Screenshot image showing the "delete" and "Save for later" links when an item is in the Amazon shopping cart.

Cowboy Amazon shopping cart


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