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Romal Reins

Romal (or "romel") reins are a type of rein with a romal, or quirt, built into them.

Highly skilled Spanish vaqueros (working cowboys riding horses and handling cattle guided by Spanish tradition) first brought romal reins to the Western part of the USA in what would later become the state of California.

Romal reins are designed to be used on finished (well broke) horses and are ridden with one hand holding the reins, and one hand on the romal. The romal can be used either to cue the horse, to quirt cattle that are close by, or both. For more information on romal reins please scroll down underneath the reins for sale.

Below: Romal reins made of braided rawhide.

Rawhide romal reins

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About Romal Reins

As mentioned above, romal reins are a type of rein with a romal, or quirt, built into them. One side of the rein attaches to the shank on the right side of the bit, and one side attaches to the shank on the left. The reins are joined together, or closed, where the rider holds onto them. Attached to the reins near where the rider holds them is the romal, or quirt, from which the reins get their name.

Romal reins are often quite beautifully made, showcasing fine craftsmanship and intricate braiding. They typically have buttons braided into them where they lay on the side of the horse's neck; the buttons allow the horse to feel the reins with only a slight touch. There are also often buttons braided into other areas of romal reins, for example, on the romal itself.

Romal reins are strongly associated with vaquero traditions and styles of riding. They are commonly used by working cowboys and cowgirls as well as riders in arena competition. When used in competition romal reins are typically seen in classes that require handling cattle, and/or classes associated with the vaquero or "California style" of riding.

Traditionally, romal reins are made of braided rawhide. While rawhide is still one of the most popular choices you can also find romal reins made of leather, nylon or other synthetics, or a mixture of materials. While rawhide is usually the preferred choice of many riders it is also the most expensive.

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Below: Romal reins being used in the Working Cow Horse class at a horse show.

Romal reins on a Working Cow Horse entry

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Important: Putting items in your Etsy shopping cart or "Save for later" list does NOT reserve them! It just makes them easier to find if they're still available when you come back.

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Cowboy Etsy shopping cart


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