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Pommel Saddle Bags For Sale

Does your saddle need handy saddle bags for carrying things during your ride? Below are insulated and non-insulated pommel saddle bags for sale on eBay. They are also sometimes called "horn bags." Unlike the cantle style of saddle bags, most pommel saddle bags do not require any modifications in order to be placed on a saddle: Pommel saddle bags simply slip over the saddle horn, or are buckled around the pommel, and they're ready to go. Please scroll down for more information on pommel saddle bags.

Below: Tan pommel saddle bags. This style simply slips over the saddle horn and they're ready to use.

Pommel saddle bags on a saddle

Pommel Saddle Bag Savvy

Saddle bags are containers designed to fit onto a saddle so that a rider can carry supplies. Unlike other saddle bags that are designed to go on a saddle behind the cantle, a pommel saddle bag is a designed to fit over the pommel.

Pommel saddle bags are popular among horseback riders for several reasons. Since they are on the pommel of the saddle instead of behind the cantle, they are in front of the rider instead of behind them. This makes them easier to open and reach into while riding. Pommel saddle bags are also easier to put onto a saddle than styles that go behind the cantle: Most pommel saddle bags simply slip over the saddle horn, or buckle around the pommel, and they're ready to go. With saddle bags that go behind the cantle minor modifications to the saddle (like the additions of tie strings, D-rings, conchos, or Chicago screws) may be necessary to attach them securely.

In the photo below this saddle has saddle bags that go behind the cantle of the saddle. These are usually called cantle saddle bags, or just saddle bags.

Below: Saddle bags behind the cantle of a saddle.

The pommel of a saddle


Below: Camaflouge pommel bags.

Camaflouge pommel saddle bags


Below: Simple black canvas pommel bags with hook and loop closures.

Pommel saddle bags with hook and loop closures


Below: Pink camaflouge pommel saddle bags with a smaller pocket on top of one of the main pockets.

Pink camo pommel bags


Below: Pommel saddle bags with buckle closures.

A trail rider with pommel saddle bags


Below: Black, lightly padded, pommel bags.

Black pommel saddle bags with light padding


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