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Pulling Breast Collars For Sale

Pulling breast collars are popular among Western riders, particularly ranchers and ropers.

Below are pulling breast collars for sale from various sellers on the Web. Note that there may be more than one type of breast collar described as a "pulling" collar since not everyone uses the term to describe the same thing.

Below: A pulling breast collar.

A pulling breast collar on a roan horse

From eBay and Etsy

Note: Not everyone describes a pulling breast collar the same way. Read the description and look at the photos carefully to make sure any breast collar you may be considering purchasing is actually the type of breast collar you want.

See more pulling breast collars on eBay

What Is A Pulling Breast Collar

Instead of crossing a horse's chest from side-to-side like some other styles, pulling breast collars sit just above the line of a horse's shoulders and buckle around the pommel of the saddle. See the photo at the top of this page.

According to ranchers, ropers, and others that prefer this style of breast collar, pulling breast collars allow the horse more freedom of shoulder movement and better leverage when pulling.

Pulling Breast Collars - More Than One Type?

While most people use the term "pulling" breast collar to refer the style of breast collar described above, some folks use the term to describe other styles of breast collars.

Pictured below is another style of breast collar sometimes called a pulling collar. This style is also sometimes called a "roping" breast collar or a "tripping" breast collar. When shopping for a breast collar on the Web or anywhere else, look at the pictures and read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are buying the style of breast collar you want.

Below: A type of breast collar commonly called a roping or tripping collar, but sometimes called pulling collar.

A tripping breast collar, sometimes called a pulling breast collar


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