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Slobber Straps For Sale

Below are slobber straps (with and without mecates and other reins) for sale on eBay.

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About Slobber Straps

Slobber straps are pieces of leather that attach reins to a bit. Slobber straps may be plain or very fancy. They generally serve three purposes:

1) Since they are attached to the bit, the slobber strap can take a lot of everyday wear and tear off of expensive reins. For example, if a horse takes a drink while wearing reins with slobber straps, the slobber straps will help keep the reins out of the water. They are designed to be easily removed and replaced.

2) Some reins can be very lightweight. Lightweight reins, when picked up on and released by a rider, may be so light that the horse can have trouble feeling the differences. Slobber straps can add enough weight to the end of the reins that the horse can more easily feel communications through the reins from the rider.

3) Some styles of reins, such as mecates, are not easily attached directly to a bit. In this case, the slobber strap is attached to the bit and the mecate is attached to the slobber strap.

In the photo below the mecate is attached to the bit with beautifully tooled leather slobber straps.

Beautifully tooled leather slobber straps

Slobber straps can be plain or fancy with tooling, lacing, buckles, conchos, etc. When purchasing slobber straps be sure to look at them carefully and read the description, as slobber straps designed to be used with split reins are different than the ones designed to be used with mecates.

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