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Boot Scrapers With Brushes

A boot scraper with brushes is a standard item found outside the doors of a lot of country homes.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and while most of them are simple in design they are nonetheless very functional for removing dirt and mud from boots and shoes.

Please scroll down for good information to know before buying a boot scraper.

Below: A boot scraper with brushes. The horse shoe at the left acts as a boot jack to help pull off boots.

A homemade boot scraper with brushes

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more boot scrapers with brushes on Etsy

See more boot scrapers with brushes on eBay

Boot Scrapers With Brushes: Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Pictures Of Boot Scrapers

Below: A boot scraper with brushes that are easily removed and replaced. The yellow arrows are pointing to small bolts that were placed through holes drilled through the brushes. The brushes you see in the photo were bought at a local discount store to replace the original brushes when they were too worn to be useful.

Boot scraper with removable brushes


Below: A metal boot scraper with horseshoe accents, but without brushes. These are useful for cleaning the bottom of boots or shoes, but aren't much help for mud or dirt on the sides.

A cast iron boot scraper


Below: A well-used Scrusher brand boot scraper with brushes mounted to a board, with a boot puller added to the side.

A well-used wooden boot scraper with boot puller and brushes

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