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Cowboy LED Candles

An LED candle is a type of flameless candle designed to let you enjoy the beauty and look of a fire-lit candle without the dangers of an open flame.

In addition, since LED candles are not made of wax, they far outlast their flame-and-wax counterparts that melt and lose their shape with use. Below are cowboy LED candles with cowboy or Western designs for sale. For more information about LED candles, please scroll down beneath items for sale.

Below: A cowboy / Western designed LED candle from Zazzle.

Cowboy Design LED Candle
Western Rodeo Event Design Wrapped LED Candle

From eBay, Etsy and Amazon

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What Is An LED Candle?

An LED candle is a flameless, smokeless candle that is lit by LED lights instead of fire. LED stands for "light emitting diode," which is a device that turns electricity into light.

There are several advantages of an LED candle over a traditional, fire-lit candle: LED lights are bright, energy efficient, long lasting, cool to the touch, ecologically friendly, and durable. They pose far less of a fire and/or burn hazard than traditional wax, wick, and flame candles, and because they're not made from wax they don't melt and lose their shape as they burn, therefore retaining their attractive looks and far outlasting their fire-lit counterparts.

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