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Wagon Wheel Wall Decor

A wagon wheel is a timeless piece of wall decor that can be used by itself, grouped with other wagon wheels, or used along with other pieces of decor.

Wagon wheels create a decorative Western or rustic look in any home or business. Below is wagon wheel wall decor for sale on Amazon and eBay.

Below: Four wagon wheels hung on a wall as home decor.

Wagon wheels hung on a wall as decor

From Amazon

A wooden wagon wheel for wall decor
A beautiful, rustic looking wagon wheel for wall decor.

Two wagon wheels
Set of 2 wagon wheels with rims

From eBay, Etsy and Amazon

See more wagon wheel wall decor on Etsy

See more wagon wheel wall decor on eBay

Below: A wooden wagon wheel hanging on a brick wall.

Wooden wagon wheel on a brick wall

Good Things To Know Before Buying Wagon Wheel Wall Decor

Below are a few good things to know before buying wagon wall decor on the Web or anywhere else.

Below: A collection of wagon wheels leaning on a wall.

Wagon wheels leaning on a wall

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