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Cowboy Napkin Holders

Below are cowboy, Western, and rustic napkin holders, along with related accessories, for sale.

Lower on the page you will also find a couple of videos showing you how to fold napkins into simple shapes. You might also like: Cowboy Napkin Rings.

Below: A steer head design on a napkin holder.

A napkin holder with a steer head design.

From eBay, Etsy, and Amazon

See more cowboy napkin holders on Etsy

See more cowboy napkin holders on eBay

How To Fold A Napkin

Instead of using a napkin holder you can create a beautiful table in another way by folding your napkins. Here is a YouTube video with a simple napkin folding technique, followed by a couple of books on Amazon loaded with napkin folding ideas and photos.

A napkin folded into a pinwheel shape: It's a lot easier than it looks!

Book: 100 Classic Napkin Folds
100 Classic Napkin Folds
Over 700 step-by-step photographs show you how to make stunning folds to a professional level.

Book: Top 100 Step-by-Step Napkin Folds
Top 100 Step-by-Step Napkin Folds
More than 1,000 photographs, spiral-bound.

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