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Gene Autry Guitars

Below are Gene Autry guitars and related items for sale.

The guitars might be a standard sized guitar (in varying styles and sizes and made by a variety of manufacturers), a child's toy (again, these were made in different styles and sizes by varying manufacturers), a photo of Gene Autry with a guitar, guitar sheet music, or other items.

While many Gene Autry guitars were manufactured many years ago, some of the guitars may be very recent models. You might also like: Gene Autry Cap Guns.

Below: Gene Autry playing his guitar in the 1936 movie "Oh, Susanna!"

Gene Autry playing a guitar

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Below: Gene Autry and his famous horse Champion.

Gene Autry and his horse Champion

Gene Autry Guitars - Good Things To Know Before You Buy

Gene Autry (Orvon Gene Autry, September 29, 1907 - October 2, 1998) rose to American superstardom in the the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s with phenomenally successful careers in singing, song writing, and acting.

Below: Gene Autry smiling in a 1960 publicity photo.

Photo of a smiling Gene Autry

Known as one of the entertainment industry's most popular singing cowboys and cowboy actors, he shared his fame with his two most famous and constant companions: His horse Champion, and his guitar.

When buying a Gene Autry guitar on eBay or anywhere else, here are a few good things to know before you buy.

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