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Tucker Mule Saddles

A Tucker mule saddle is made by Tucker Saddlery in Yoakum, TX.

Tucker saddles are known for their quality and style for trail riders. Their mule saddles have a tree and design for proper fit for a mule’s conformation, which is typically different than a horse’s conformation. Below are Tucker mule saddles for sale.

From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

Note: As far as we know, Tucker makes three mule saddles:

1) The Tucker Pine Ridge Mule Saddle and
2) The Tucker High Plains T60 Saddle, which is offered in a horse AND a mule saddle tree.
3) The Tucker Tucker Gen II High Plains Flex Trail (see below), which is also offered in a horse AND a mule saddle tree.

    • When ordering the HighPlains or the Gen II High Plains from HorseSaddleShop, be sure to select the “mule” tree option.
    • When ordering the HighPlains or the Gen II High Plains from an eBay seller, you may not get to choose the saddle tree. Therefore, make sure a saddle you’re interested in has a mule tree instead of a horse tree.

See the Tucker PINE RIDGE Mule Saddle on HorseSaddleShop

See the Tucker HIGH PLAINS T60 Mule Saddle on HorseSaddleShop

See the Tucker GEN II HIGH PLAINS Mule Saddle on HorseSaddleShop

Look for Tucker mule saddles on eBay

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Tucker Saddle Seat Size Chart

If you’ve never owned or sat in a Tucker saddle before you will probably want to take a look at their seat sizing chart to help determine what size seat you will need. That’s because most riders need a seat that is slightly larger in a Tucker saddle compared to most other saddles due to the padding in Tucker seats.

This chart, courtesy of HorseSaddleShop, can help you out: Tucker Seat Sizing Chart.

A Couple Of Cool Mule Photos

Below: This is a 1908 or 1909 postcard of riders on the Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. While it’s tough to make out, we think the second and third animals (from the front) are mules. The first one appears to be a horse……but we’re not sure.

A mule in an A fork saddle

Public domain image.


Below: A guide in the Grand Canyon pauses with his mule. The mule seems to be outfitted with an A fork saddle. Photo circa 1908.

Mules on a rugged trail.

Image: From the 1908 book “Highways and Byways of the Pacific Coast.” No known copyright restrictions.

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