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Western Saddles For Sale

Compare prices and selection for Western saddles for sale. See head-to-head comparisons between major online sellers for Western saddles of all types and brands.

Browse for saddles by type (immediately below) or jump down to find saddles by brand.

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What Makes A Western Saddle Western?

There isn’t an industry-wide standard as to what makes a Western saddle a Western saddle (as opposed to some other type of saddle). However, most modern Western saddles have two distinctive innovations that identify them from other types saddles:

  • The saddle horn, and the
  • The double rigging (a front cinch and a back cinch)

These items were originally introduced to saddles thanks to the needs of the working cowboy, but quickly found themselves a permanent home on other types of Western saddles, too.

Western Saddles Of Note

Below are just a few Western saddles with characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd.

  • A trail riding saddle with a cowboy “look” to it.
    Circle Y Walnut Grove has a definite cowboy “look” to it with a slick fork, floral tooling, and iron conchos featuring a bronc riding cowboy. Check out the Walnut Grove trail saddle here.
  • A roomier trail saddle.
    Many trail riding saddles have tall saddle horns and high cantles. The Tucker Cheyenne Frontier trail saddle, though, breaks the trend with a lower saddle horn and a lower cantle. This allows for a roomier feel in the seat, and the lower cantle is easier to swing a leg over, too. You can see the Cheyenne Frontier by Tucker here.
  • A treeless barrel saddle.
    Professional barrel racer Tammy Fischer has helped design a treeless barrel racing saddle. It provides close contact for the rider, and freedom of movement for the horse. Shop for the Tammy Fischer treeless barrel saddle.
  • Lightweight saddles.
    Find lighter-than-average saddles for barrel racing, trail riding, and roping.
  • Trail riding saddles for short-backed horses.
    A saddle that fits a shorter-backed horse can increase their comfort and freedom of movement. To help find the right saddle, check out our table of trail riding saddles comparing saddle skirt lengths and shapes (round or square).
  • Dakota ranch saddles.
    Dakota Saddlery is famous for making quality saddles at affordable prices. If you’re shopping for a hard-working ranch saddle with a working cowboy price tag, don’t overlook Dakota’s ranch saddles.

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