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High-End Barrel Racing Saddles

Searching for high quality, high-end barrel racing saddles? We show you some below that you just might love.

Below: The Pozzi Pro barrel saddle SBP806 from HorseSaddleShop. With the famous standards and high quality of maker Double J saddlery, and a price tag in the neighborhood of $9,000, this is definitely a high-end barrel racing saddle.

The high-end Pozzi Pro SBP806 barrel saddle images. Used with permission.

From eBay, HorseSaddleShop, and Amazon

The saddles below are high-end barrel saddles from eBay, HorseSaddleShop, and Amazon. Most are brand new, but a few might be used.

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What Is A “High-End” Barrel Saddle?

The phrase “high-end” refers to something that is high quality (in many cases, a higher level of quality than it needs to be) and designed for high-income consumers. High-end items might also be:

  • Exclusive (not as many of them are made and sold compared to similar products).
  • Of a higher aesthetic standard. For example, made from superior materials or ingredients, and/or richly or ornately decorated.

A high-end barrel saddle, then, is a barrel racing saddle of exceptional quality and/or looks, and made for a budget that can afford the expense of such a saddle.

Below: The Sherry Cervi Stingray Barrel Racer 71-C5 from HorseSaddleShop. Made with exceptional quality by Martin Saddlery. With a price around $4,000 it is less expensive than the Pozzi Pro saddle at the top of this page, but is still a high-end barrel saddle.

A Sherry Cervi Stingray barrel saddle of high quality and high price tag images. Used with permission.

Circle Y is the proud maker of the Martha Josey “You Are My Sunshine MJ51″ barrel saddle. Built on Circle Y’s best-selling Cash saddle tree, it features higher swells and a 5” cantle for a deep, secure seat. The tooling is absolutely beautiful with sunflowers and contrasting leather colors.

Below: Circle Y Josey Cash You Are My Sunshine MJ51 barrel saddle. Less expensive than the Cervi Stingray saddle shown above, but still a gorgeous (and expensive) high-end barrel saddle.

Circle Y's You Are My Sunshine MJ51 barrel saddle images. Used with permission.


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