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Tucker Saddles

Tucker saddles are synonymous with trail riding. They offer a variety of saddle styles for all types of riders ready to hit the trail, whether it’s for an afternoon of fun, or day after day of logging serious miles horseback.

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Below: A Tucker trail riding saddle. This one’s from HorseSaddleShop.

Comparison Shop For Tucker Saddles

Below are Tucker saddles for sale from major online sellers. This page lets you easily compare selection and prices. Most of the saddles are new, but occasionally you can find a used one.

From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

The barrel saddles below are both new and used.

See more Tucker saddles on HorseSaddeShop

See more Tucker saddles on eBay

Tucker Saddles and Gel-Cush Seats

Tucker saddles are famous for their quality and innovation. One of their best know features is their patented Gel-Cush shock absorbing saddle seat. Built into every Tucker saddle, their Gel-Cush seat offers hours of comfort when riding on the trail. Gel-Cush never breaks down, freezes, or melts, and there’s nothing to ooze out. Tucker likes to say “…it’s a cushion with all the benefits of a gel and none of the pitfalls.”

Tucker saddles are proudly made on the USA.

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