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Lightweight Roping Saddles

A lightweight roping saddle is sturdy enough to rope off of, but weighs less than other roping saddles for easier handling.

So, how light is a lightweight roping saddle? That varies from one saddle to the next, but the ones on this page are mostly 35 pounds or less. That may not sound all that light, but it’s common for roping saddles to tip the scales at noticeably higher weights.

Below: The Big Horn Floral Tooled Roping Saddle 880 from HorseSaddleShop. Oak leaf and floral pattern, Ralide roper tree, and 7/8 position double rigging. This saddle weighs in at 35 pounds (approximately).

A lightweight floral tooled roping saddle by Big Horn. Weighs approximately 35 pounds. image. Used with permission.

People also like lightweight barrel saddles and lightweight trail saddles.

From eBay and HorseSaddleShop

This page makes it easy to compare saddle prices and selection between major online sellers.

The HorseSaddleShop roping saddles shown below typically weigh 35 pounds (approximately) or less. Please also note that larger seat sizes might weigh a little more.

Hint: When using the link below to see HorseSaddleShop’s roping saddles, on the HSS website you can use the sorting feature at the left (for desktop) or tap “Show Filters” (on mobile) to see saddles according to weight.

See more roping saddles on HorseSaddleShop

Does eBay have lightweight roping saddles? They have a lot of saddles, so we’re pretty sure they do. They just don’t have a good way to filter roping saddles by weight, at least that we know of.

See ALL roping saddles on eBay

The Big Horn Lightweight Roping Saddle 962

The Big Horn Ladies Choice Cow Girl Saddle 962 isn’t just for cowgirls. It has a beautiful chocolate color, roughout seat jockeys and fenders, and barbed-wire tooling. Nothing about its appearance looks feminine, but it weighs in at a light 33 pounds (approximately) to make it easier to handle for both cowboys and cowgirls.

Below: The Big Horn Ladies Choice Cow Girl Saddle 962 from HorseSaddleShop. Chocolate tooling, barb-wire tooling and conchos, and 7/8 rigging. At 33 pounds (approximately), it’s a lightweight roping saddle for men or women.

The lightweight Big Horn Ladies Choice Cow Girl Saddle 962 image. Used with permission.

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