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Saddle Information

Looking for saddle information? Below is all kinds of information about saddle trees, saddle riggings, signs of bad saddle fit, how to stop saddle squeak, and a whole lot more!

Saddle Information From

The experts at have a wealth of information about saddles on their website. Below are few links to some of their articles with useful and interesting information.

Saddle Information From

If you enjoyed the above articles, we hope you’ll also enjoy the popular articles below from our “How To / What Is” area of!

Saddle Info – Quick Graphics

Below are a few quick graphics illustrating different kinds of saddle information.

Saddle Rigging Positions

On a Western saddle, rigging positions are described by their position in relation to where they are located from the cantle to the pommel. For example:

  • Full Rigging: The front cinch position is the full distance from the cantle to the pommel.
  • 7/8 Rigging: The front cinch position is 7/8 of the distance from the cantle to the pommel.
  • 3/4 Rigging: The front cinch position is 3/4 of the distance from the cantle to the pommel.
  • Center Fire Rigging: The front cinch position is (approximately) centered between the cantle and the pommel.

These rigging positions are illustrated in the image below.

Information about Western saddle rigging positions
Western saddle rigging positions.

For even information about Western saddle rigging positions, you can see this page: Understanding Saddle Riggings.

Parts Of A Western Saddle

Below are the major parts of a Western saddle.

Saddle information illustrating the parts of a Western saddle
Parts of a Western saddle.

The above image is of a brand new, never-been-on-a-horse saddle which makes some of the parts a bit difficult to get a good look at. So, we’ve included the image below too, so you can get a better look at some of these parts they way they would look on a saddled horse.

Saddle info with continued illustrated information of parts of a Western saddle
A few details on Western saddle parts.


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