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There can be some confusion surrounding the use of the name “Billy Cook” on a saddle.  That’s because there are two separate entities, one in Sulphur, Oklahoma and the other in Greenville, Texas, that have the rights to make saddles under the Billy Cook name.

  • The Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur, Oklahoma are usually referred to as “genuine” Billy Cooks, and/or as saddles made by Billy Cook, “maker.”
  • The saddles made in Greenville, Texas are sometimes referred to as Simco Billy Cooks, Longhorn Billy Cooks, or (you guessed it) Simco/Longhorn Billy Cooks.


Both the saddles made in Sulphur, Oklahoma and Greenville, Texas are “real” Billy Cooks. So,  what’s this all about?

Some time back (we think it was the 1980s, but we’re not sure) Billy Cook, the person, and Billy Cook, the saddlery business owned by Billy Cook the person, underwent legal proceedings. As a result, Longhorn Leather Company acquired the rights to make saddles using the Billy Cook name. Then, in 1990, Longhorn was purchased by Simco, another well known saddlery. As a result, Simco/Longhorn has the lawful right to make saddles using the Billy Cook name. They manufacture their saddles in Greenville, TX.

There was a pause after the legal proceedings mentioned above, then Billy Cook, the person, once again resumed making saddles under his own name. These saddles are frequently described as “genuine” Billy Cooks, and/or as a saddle made by Billy Cook, “maker”. These saddles are made in Sulphur, OK.

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